Start of the subsidized project Leader for the Prefecture of Achaia

The submission of proposals for the 4th Call of the Local Project LEADER 2007-2013 has begun, for the region of Achaia. The Public Expenditure comes to 819.538,60 € in regard of the following actions:


•          L123a: Increase in the Adding value of agricultural products, (processing and packing products), with the aid of 50%

•          L312-1: Establish, expand and modernize small industrial units (i.e. woodwork products, ceramic products, jewelries) with the aid of 60%

•          L312-2: Establish, expand and modernize service provision enterprises (i.e. alcohol trade enterprises, souvenirs and folk art trade enterprises, hairdresser enterprises) with the aid of 60%

•          L312-3: Establish, expand and modernize enterprises which produce products after the first processing stage (i.e. small industrial units of bakery and confectionery, traditional pasta), with the aid of 60%

•          L313-6: Establish, expand and modernize enterprises of rest and entertaining (i.e. restaurants, taverns, traditional café), with the aid of 60%


The subsidized expenditures are building construction or improvements, supply and establishment of new mechanical equipment, biological treatment facilities, expenditures for engineers and counsellors, licensings, patents, study ang establishments of quality assurance, purchase of electronic devices sucs as computers, offices etc.


The closing date for project submission is 19/5/2015.


For more information about the Leader project, click here.


ELIAMEP asks for partner for the position of Project Manager for the educational activities of the Foundation. 


ELIAMEP asks for the recruitment of an associate / assistant for a full time position for a Project Manager for the educational activities of the Foundation.

The position is available from January 1, 2015 and will have an initial probationary period of six months.

The fee will depend on the position of the duties and qualifications of the candidate. 




University degree, preferably in the social sciences


- 5 years experience


- Excellent administrative, organizational and communication skills. Editing and team spirit


- Familiarity with international relations. International experience will be an additional qualification


- Fluent in Greek and English (written and spoken). Knowledge of other languages would be an asset


- Knowledge of computer use, internet (excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel). 



DEADLINE: October 27, 2014 

The Applicants are requested  to submit their CV along with a brief letter explaining why they are interested in this position online at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , indicating necessary to issue the code position ACT.10.2014. Interviews will take place during the application process.


The “PARTNERSHIP FOR THE EMPLOYABILITY DEVELOPMENT OF ACHAIA”  which implements the project “LOCAL NETWORK FOR THE EMPLOYABILITY  DEVELOPMENT OF THE PREFECTURE OF ACHAIA”  presents the progress of the recruitment for the beneficiaries of the project. More concretely, the D.P. after coordinated efforts has accomplished to put in places of work 9 beneficiaries of the project. Also 2 beneficiaries of the project have proceeded the start up of individual enterprises. Finally, beneficiaries of the D.P.  are found in the process of constitution of 1 Social Co-operative Enterprise (KOINSEP). More analytically: 

No of beneficiaries

Description of Place of Work



Secretarial Support



Art designer



Administrative Executive






Clean services



Employee of hotel enterprise



Employee of Design Office



Employee of Restaurant enterprise



Employee of hotel enterprise







No of beneficiaries

Description of Place of Work



Accountant Services



Office of yachting services





No of beneficiaries

Description of Place of social enterprise



Cultural place with bar restaurant





The  "PARTNERSHIP FOR THE EMPLOYABILITY DEVELOPMENT OF ACHAIA"  continues the effort for the recruitment in jobs for all of the beneficiaries of the Project.




It was completed with success the workshop on the subject “Process of creation and constitution of social enterprises”. The Workshop was organized at the office of D.P. on Wednesday, 17 September, 2014 and attended  Ms Triantafylloy Aggeliki (president of the A.C.  of the D.P. and president of SOPSY  Patras), Mr Kotsonis Nikolaos (director manager of SV-PDE), Mr Anastasoopoulos Panagiotis (administrator of the D.P representative of Leader Partner “p-consulting”), Ms Skoulidi Charitini – Maria (project manager of the D.P. representative of Leader Partner “p-consulting”) and beneficiaries of the project. 





During the workshop beneficiaries were informed for the process of creation - constitution a social enterprise. Also, it became an extensive analysis and presentation of beneficiaries' plans for their activation in the social economy, via TOPSA projects.



OAED program for beneficiaries of the TOPSA projects

OAED announced the beginning of the program: “Program of subsidy of enterprises for the recruitment of 10.000 beneficiaries of the project TopSA”, on Thursday 24/7/2014. The program concerns the subsidy of enterprises, for the recruitment  of unemployed, that have been beneficiaries of the project TopSA. The applications are submitted in the special field of network place of OAED,

where also are analytically described the conditions and remaining terms of the program.


OAED has decided the continuation of the process of submission of applications in the program: “YOUNG ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITH EMPHSIS IN THE INNOVATION”, for 900 new places. The candidates can applicate from 21 July 2014 until 21 August 2014. The project concerns on the economic aid of new enterprising initiatives for unemployed till 35 years.


For submission of applications and more information, visit here:


It was completed with success the workshop entitled “SOCIAL ECONOMY AND ENTERPRISE, THE ROLE OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISES”.  The workshop was organized by the D.P.  “Partnership for the employability and the development of the prefecture of Achaia” in the Chamber of Achaia on Thursday, 17 July, 2014. The speakers of the workshop were: 

  • Diamantis Giorgos, vice-president and CEO of Action Synergy S.A.
  • Skoulidi Charitini – Maria, Project Manager D.P. – Representative of Leader Partnership P-Consulting.
  • Koulis Stefanos, President KoiSPE FAROS – Achaia.
  • Giotopoulos Kostas, Representative of Chamber  of Achaia.




At the beginning of the workshop, Ms. Skoylidi presented the all the circumstances for the creation of a Social enterprise in Greece and good practices of existing social enterprises that are activated in the country.




Afterwards, Mr. Giotopoylos underlined the efforts of Chamber of Achaia for the promoting of social economy and his activities in that sector.




The speech took afterwards Mr. Koylis, who proceeded in analytic presentation of the operation and the activities of the Social Cooperative Enterprise of Limited Responsibility “FAROS”.


Finally, Mr. Diamantis presented the results of the study visit, that the D.P. organized in the United Kingdom in June and the good practices of English social enterprises.



By the end of the speeches, it followed a briefing with beneficiaries about social entrepreneurship (roundtables). At the briefing it was discussed the matter of the viability and also the development of work in the sector of social economy.




The Development Partnership “Partnership for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia” ,which implements the Project: “Local Network for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia”  invites you to the workshop:


“Social economy and Entrepreneurship – the role of social economy”


Workshop will take place on Thursday 17/07/2014 at 10:30 p.m.  in the Chamber of Achaia, Michalakopoyloy 58, 26221, Patras

Study Visit in England

The Development Partnership “Partnership for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia, which implements he project “Local Network for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia”,  organized an educational visit (study visit) in England, from Tuesday 24/6/2014 to Friday 27/6/2014. In the visit participated, Ms Triantafyllou Ageliki , (President of the A.C. of the D.P.  – President of SOPSI Patras), Mr Anastassopoulos Panagiotis, (Administrator of the D.P. Representative of Leader Partner p-Consulting), Mr Diamantis Georgios (Vice-president and C.E.O. of Action Synergy S.A.) and Mr Karagiannis Konstantinos (representative of Chamber of Achaia). Visit’s target  was the exchange of opinions for  the social economy, the study of good practices and the likely ways of collaboration between the English and Greek social enterprises. The representatives of D.P.  visited existing social enterprises, in the region of Liverpool and they had the occasion to see closely their way of operation, their installations as well and to change opinions with the representatives of these. More specifically:

  • On Wednesday, 25/6/2014, they visited the headquarters of social Cooperation NEW START, which is composed from individual social enterprises ( Locality, The Inclusion Network CIC, Mersey Spring CIC, AIM CIC). In the meeting , an analytic presentation of social Cooperation took place and then followed exchange of opinions with the representatives of social enterprises.



 Then, the representatives of D.P. visited the establishments of social enterprise National Wildflower Centre. The enterprise activates in the sector of environment and more concretely in the safeguarding of natural resources. During the visit, became a tour in the gardens, where rare species of English flora are maintained.



 In the end of day, a visit take place at the establishments of Netherton Park Neighborhood Centre, that deals with the services of common utility in children, old men and families.



  • On Thursday ,26/6/2014, the representatives of D.P. were  assisted in meeting with the G. Director of social enterprise  Croxteth Communiversity, Phil Knibb. The Croxteth Communiversity, Phil Knibb is activated in the technical sector and in the benefit of knowledge and services that concern the daily life of citizens (maintenance of home, small agricultures,  etc). Then, a tour followed in the establishments of the enterprise and the farm.



Later, the representatives of D.P.  had the opportunity to exchange opinions and to converse, with municipal institutions of Liverpool, for the efforts that make the municipality in order to support  the social enterprises and more generally the social economy.



Organizer and responsible for the schedule of the visit was Mr. Dave Egan, representative of social structure ILEN ASSOCIATES.

3rd Informative Workshop

On Monday, 16 June, 2014 took  place in Patras, in the Chamber of Achaia, the informative workshop  of the Developmental Partnership “Partnership for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia” entitled  “Entrepreneurship  and Growth of the local market – TOPSA Project” 

Greetings followed  by:

  • Triantafyllou Ageliki , (President of the A.C. of the D.P.  – President of SOPSI Patras)
  • Kepenos Georgios, President of S.V.P/D.E.

The speechers were:

  • Aggelopoulos Georgios, vice region president of development and rural economy.
  • TsoumpelisTheodoros, general secretary of the Achaia Chamber
  • Diamantis Georgios, Vice-president and C.E.O. of Action Synergy S.A.
  • Anastassopoulos Panagiotis, Administrator of the D.P.  and representative of Leader Partner (p-Consulting)


The event began at 19:00 pm with the greeting of Ms. A. Triantafyllou, who was reported in the necessity of the engagement of all local institutions for the growth of the Local Market. In his greetings, Mr Kepenos underlined  the contribution  of SVP&DE in the recruitment of the beneficiaries of the  project. 



Afterwards followed the scheduled speeches, that Mr. Aggelopoylos  presented the developmental prospects of Region of Western Greece and the comparative advantages that the region provides.




After Mr. Aggelopoylos followed  Mr. Tsoympelis, who focused his speech in the extrovert character, that must be developed by  the Greek enterprises and also in the contribution of Chamber of Achaia in the absorption of the project beneficiaries. 


Afterwards the speech took Mr. Diamantis, who underlined the necessity of marketing in the modern environment.




The speech completed Mr. Anastasopoylos, who presented the proceedings of the Project and focused on the ways with which can be developed the employment and entrepreneurship  through the project.




At the end of speeches, Mr. Karbelis Ioannis, Regional Director of OAED, made a short intervention and  underlined the coordinated efforts of Organism for the fight against unemployment, giving particular emphasis  in TOPSA projects.


By the end of speeches, a public debate took place.



The Development Partnership “Partnership for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia”  which implements the project “Local Network for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia”  organizes informative workshop with subject:

Entrepreneurship and development of the local market.- TOPSA projects.

The meeting will take place on Monday 16/06/2014 at 18:30 - 20:30 in the Chamber of Achaia, Michalakopoyloy 58, 26221, Patras and it is open to the public.


Workshop: " Social Economy & Entrepreneurship : From Theory to Practice"

Workshop: " Social Economy & Entrepreneurship : From Theory to Practice"


The University of Patras (Structure of Employment & Career - Unit Innovation & Entrepreneurship) organizes workshop on " Social Economy & Entrepreneurship: from theory to practice." The meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 10:00 am in the small auditorium of the Conference & Cultural Centre of the University of Patras . During the conference, it will be presented the legal framework for the establishment and operation of the Social Cooperative Enterprise ( Koin.S.Ep ), the networks of Koin.S.Ep in Greece , as well as good practices of active social enterprises, which operate in various sectors of the  Greek economy.

For more information and registration, click here

Initiative: «Innovation Expert - Innovation in Action"

A new initiative, which aims to the development and strengthening of the skills and the capacity for innovation policy management and business, is active during this period. This initiative enttitled: «Innovation Expert - Innovation in Action" supports the development and establishment of permanent systems of innovation within the company, strengthening its business growth and provides a critical competitive advantage in domestic and international markets. 


Initiative «Innovation Expert - Innovation in Action" includes the following actions:

Training managers by experienced trainers to develop the necessary knowledge and skills and fundamental understanding of production processes, commercial, operational and organizational innovation.

Consulting for business executives from qualified consultants to prepare and implement a plan for innovation and the creation of a permanent mechanism innovation within the company.

Networking with business executives, stakeholders and experts in innovation Greece and abroad for mutual support of their efforts and the dissemination of good practices, which can transform innovation into sustainable entrepreneurship.

The initiative «Innovation Expert - Innovation in Action" includes, at no cost, a total of about 460 executives from 230 companies, regardless of sector, operating in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Ionian Islands, Western Greece, Peloponnesus, N. Aegean, Crete (Axis 7), and the Region of Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia and Attica (Axis 8). The authority of this initiative is SEV and the Union Company KEK APOPSI SA and PLANET SA.

The Call for business executives will be open until 30/06/2014. For more information and for applications, visit:


Youth citizen Entrepreneurship Competition


Youth citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

The Youth citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an international competition, which is organized by the Goi Peace Foundation, the Stiftung Entrepreneurship (Berlin) and UNESCO. This particular competition is an opportunity for young people, aged 15-30, to present and develop their innovative ideas and projects on issues that will build a harmonious and sustainable society. Ideas about the environment, education, health, poverty reduction, peace building, the cultural diversity, sustainable energy and trade, food safety, the elderly and the empowerment of women and youth in society, is eligible from the competition. Participants should submit their ideas into one of two categories of competition: 

  • Category better idea, innovative ideas and plans for a business.
  • Category best programs for existing businesses with social impact. 

The deadline for entries is 30 June, 2014. For more information about Youth Entrepreneurship Competition, check here:


The Development Partnership " Employability Development Partnership of Achaia " which implements the Project " Local Network for the Employability  Development of the Prefecture of Achaia " starts the 4th Sequential Training Program entitled: "Design, Installation & Maintenance of Solar Systems" . 



The training program contains 25 beneficiaries of the Project and implemented by KEK EREISMA (Kapodistrioy 96-98, Patras). The duration of the program will be from 05.30.2014 to 06.19.2014.






Click here to watch the video













The Ministry of Transport, the National Bank of Greece, DEI and IDIKA company are expected to launch in summer, proclamations for the recruitment of 1549 employees, in cooperation with the ASEP. More specifically:

  • The Ministry of Transport has approved the recruitment of 650 employees in Urban Transport SA for the disciplines of bus drivers (330 posts), Technicians (120 seats), Vehicle drivers and Publishers-Accountants Tickets (200 seats). It also seeks to cover 70 positions to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with specificity in Air Traffic Controllers.
  • DEI will recruit 600 people to cover its needs. Positions are related to both the scientific and the technical sector of the business.
  • The National Bank promotes proclamation for recruiting 200 people with tertiary education, with an economic direction in their studies.
  • The company IDIKA SA approved the recruitment of 29 people, for the ICT and the management of the company.

More information about the specific requirements of each proclamation will be announced soon by ASEP.

Young Farmers - Agricultural Entrepreneurship

The Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese - Western Greece & Ionian organizes a conference entitled " Young Farmers - Agricultural Entrepreneurship" in cooperation with the Managing Authority of the Region of Western Greece. 


The workshop will be held in the boardroom of the former building ELKEPA at Akti  Dymaion & Ypsilantou 1, Patras (on the 4th floor) on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 10:00 am.




Start of Empowerment Consulting

We inform you that through the Project "Local Network for the Employability  Development of the Prefecture of Achaia " , they will be implemented soon special consulting sessions for the support of the beneficiaries from SOPSY Patras (Association for Mental Health Patras) with the assistance of AROGI AMKE. The sessions will be conducted by qualified consultants with years of experience.



Start of the training program entitled “Organic Agriculture”

The Development Partnership "Employability Development Partnership of Achaia ", through the Project " Local Network for the Employability  Development of the Prefecture of Achaia ", starts the implementation of the training programs for 100 beneficiaries of the Project.

The first training program entitled "Organic Agriculture", refers to the first 25 beneficiaries, will be held at KEK IVEPE - SEV at Platani ,Achaia . The training period will be from: 10.02.2014 to 02.27.2014. 


The location of KEK IVEPE-SEV is HERE!