Entrepreneurship Opportunities




The modern socio-economic environment, the economic crisis and the difficulty of finding investment capital are barriers to the development of entrepreneurship in Greece, this period. That fact makes a necessity to support both existing businesses to ensure their viability and their further development, and new businesses. Grants are an important solution to the aforementioned problems, because they can provide the necessary impetus in all productive sectors, to improve the business environment and create multiplier effects on the economy through job creation and infrastructure construction projects. For this reason, it is necessary to refer to the major subsidy projects implemented, this period: 


  • "Young Entrepreneurship with emphasis on innovation."  

    The project refers to 2000 young people, aged until 35, who are unemployed. The project concerns on a subsidy of 10.000 €, to reinforce business plans with an emphasis on innovation. Administrator of the project is OAED and the total cost of the project financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and national funds. 



  • "Investment Law".  

    The project is referred at both existing and new businesses. Supporting investment projects through tax credits, grants and favorable loans. The type of business that may be involved affects all the productive sectors. The program resources from EU funds mainly through NSRF.


  • "New innovative entrepreneurship."  

    The project is expected to start in the immediate future and will include subsidize up to 50% for existing and new businesses. Prerequisite is the share of 51% and above of the businesses to belong to a woman or group of women. 



  • "Young farmers - Measure 112 ".  This project has been announced and the dates for submission of applications is concerned from 3/18/2014 to 5/16/2014. The project refers to the strengthening, through subsidy, of young farmers who want to operate in the field of crop and livestock production as well as in other agricultural activities. A key criterion is interested to be in the age group 18-40 years and live in the area, that they will be active. Grants will range from 10.000 € -20.000 € and will be paid in three installments.