Initiative: «Innovation Expert - Innovation in Action"

A new initiative, which aims to the development and strengthening of the skills and the capacity for innovation policy management and business, is active during this period. This initiative enttitled: «Innovation Expert - Innovation in Action" supports the development and establishment of permanent systems of innovation within the company, strengthening its business growth and provides a critical competitive advantage in domestic and international markets. 


Initiative «Innovation Expert - Innovation in Action" includes the following actions:

Training managers by experienced trainers to develop the necessary knowledge and skills and fundamental understanding of production processes, commercial, operational and organizational innovation.

Consulting for business executives from qualified consultants to prepare and implement a plan for innovation and the creation of a permanent mechanism innovation within the company.

Networking with business executives, stakeholders and experts in innovation Greece and abroad for mutual support of their efforts and the dissemination of good practices, which can transform innovation into sustainable entrepreneurship.

The initiative «Innovation Expert - Innovation in Action" includes, at no cost, a total of about 460 executives from 230 companies, regardless of sector, operating in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Ionian Islands, Western Greece, Peloponnesus, N. Aegean, Crete (Axis 7), and the Region of Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia and Attica (Axis 8). The authority of this initiative is SEV and the Union Company KEK APOPSI SA and PLANET SA.

The Call for business executives will be open until 30/06/2014. For more information and for applications, visit: