Objective of the Project

The main objective of the Project is to support unemployed people in the intervention area (Municipality of Patras), who belong mainly to the following population groups:

Young - new entrants to the labor market

long-term Unemployed


All those who aim to develop their own business

The specific objective of the Project is the training, education and the consulting of 100 unemployed in order to gain competitive advantage for their integration in the labor market, either by creating new jobs in companies, either through the establishment of a new enterprise, or through the creation of a Social cooperative Enterprise.

 Specifically, it is provided through the activation and mobilization of local actors and businesses and through the diagnosis of the specific local needs and development potential in the area of Achaia, to ensure integration into the labor market for 100 unemployed / beneficiaries and stimulate entrepreneurship mainly in the following areas:

  • tourism
  • agricultural production
  • energy