The Ministry of Transport, the National Bank of Greece, DEI and IDIKA company are expected to launch in summer, proclamations for the recruitment of 1549 employees, in cooperation with the ASEP. More specifically:

  • The Ministry of Transport has approved the recruitment of 650 employees in Urban Transport SA for the disciplines of bus drivers (330 posts), Technicians (120 seats), Vehicle drivers and Publishers-Accountants Tickets (200 seats). It also seeks to cover 70 positions to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with specificity in Air Traffic Controllers.
  • DEI will recruit 600 people to cover its needs. Positions are related to both the scientific and the technical sector of the business.
  • The National Bank promotes proclamation for recruiting 200 people with tertiary education, with an economic direction in their studies.
  • The company IDIKA SA approved the recruitment of 29 people, for the ICT and the management of the company.

More information about the specific requirements of each proclamation will be announced soon by ASEP.