First Workshop – Description


On Monday, October 14, 2013 held in Patras in Chamber of Achaia, the Informative Workshop of D.P.: "Employability Development Partnership of Achaia" entitled "Actions for labor market integration of the unemployed through Local Plans for Employment." 

Greetings were addressed by: 

              Angeliki Triantafyllou: Chairman of D.P. - President of SOPSY Patras

              Marlafekas Platon: President of Chamber of Achaia

              Nicholas Kotsonis: Director of SV-PDE 


Speakers were: 


Skoulidis Charitini - Maria: Project Manager of DP - Representative of Leader Partner "p-consulting», which outlined the objectives of the Act and the actions, which will be developed.

Gotsis Andreas: Vice President of DP - Board Member of Chamber of Achaia, who analyzed the main economic sectors covered by the Project.

George Diamantis: President & CEO of Action Synergy SA, who presented with a detailed way the Matching Tool and E-learning platform for those interested in creating their own business.

Zira Stavroula: Project Manager  of ZIRAS SK INTERNATIONAL, describing the new forms of entrepreneurship that can be deployed during economic crisis. 


The event started at 18:00 with the greeting of Mrs. A. Triantafyllou, which referred to the importance of the Project for the unemployed to participate and the positive results which will be produced. After that, Mr. P. Marlafekas addressed greetings and mentioned in the dynamics of the Chamber of Achaia, and finally Mr. N. Kotsonis spoke about the contribution of SEV PDE absorption of beneficiaries of the Project. 

After the greetings,followed the planned speeches. Ms. Skoulidi reported extensively in objectives and expected outcomes of the Project, with particular emphasis on actions to be developed in the project implementation schedule, the significant support to the beneficiaries, and ended her speech with a message of encouragement for the vocational rehabilitation of the beneficiaries of the Project. 

C.M. Skoulidi (π-consulting)

After Ms. Skoulidi, Mr. A. Gotsis analyzed the main economic sectors covered by the Projectf. His speech focused on emerging and potentially profitable sectors of the economy which are mainly rural and tourism and energy

A. Gkotsis (Achaia Chamber)

The CEO of Action Synergy AE  presented the Matching Tool and E-Learning platform for those wishing to start their own business. Specifically, he referred to the usefulness of the matching tool as the tool that links the requirements of enterprise for manpower with suitable candidates for each job. Then presented the platform e-learning and the  innovation provided by the DP to the beneficiaries by providing them the opportunity to learn five different languages in daily basic professional terminology. 

G. Diamantis (Action Synergy SA)

Ms. Zira concerned to the existing and anticipated projects of the NSRF 2014-2020 programming period, highlighting the opportunities arising from these for the vocational rehabilitation of unemployed. Also Ms. Zira emphasized the development of female entrepreneurship and SMEs supported by many community projects. 

S. Zira (Ziras International SA)

At the end of the conference held Questions and Discussion with the audience. 

In conclusion, the message that emerged was the potential of the Project  to implement the proposed action, and the full acceptance of the candidate beneficiaries in their integration into the working environment based on local needs and simultaneously enhance the development potential of the area.