The training aims to the acquisition for the beneficiaries of the necessary professional knowledge, skills and abilities in order to acquire the necessary skills to enter or re-enter the labor market and entrepreneurship.

Specifically, four training programs will be implemented for 100 unemployed, totaling 81 hours, in the following fields:

              Organization and Management of Rural Business

              organic Agriculture

              Vegetable Crops of Greenhouse & Rural

              Design, Installation & Maintenance of Solar Systems

For each program it is provided training allowance 5, € / hour.

In addition, training will be made concerning the implementation of the following two training programs, by means of distance learning:

              Business Administration, with emphasis in the areas of management and marketing 

              Foreign Language Professional Terminology through special educational platform e-learning (TELL ME MORE), in one of the following languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, which will choose the beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries who complete the program of Foreign Language Training Terminology receive relevant Certificate of Attendance.