It was completed with success the workshop entitled “SOCIAL ECONOMY AND ENTERPRISE, THE ROLE OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISES”.  The workshop was organized by the D.P.  “Partnership for the employability and the development of the prefecture of Achaia” in the Chamber of Achaia on Thursday, 17 July, 2014. The speakers of the workshop were: 

  • Diamantis Giorgos, vice-president and CEO of Action Synergy S.A.
  • Skoulidi Charitini – Maria, Project Manager D.P. – Representative of Leader Partnership P-Consulting.
  • Koulis Stefanos, President KoiSPE FAROS – Achaia.
  • Giotopoulos Kostas, Representative of Chamber  of Achaia.




At the beginning of the workshop, Ms. Skoylidi presented the all the circumstances for the creation of a Social enterprise in Greece and good practices of existing social enterprises that are activated in the country.




Afterwards, Mr. Giotopoylos underlined the efforts of Chamber of Achaia for the promoting of social economy and his activities in that sector.




The speech took afterwards Mr. Koylis, who proceeded in analytic presentation of the operation and the activities of the Social Cooperative Enterprise of Limited Responsibility “FAROS”.


Finally, Mr. Diamantis presented the results of the study visit, that the D.P. organized in the United Kingdom in June and the good practices of English social enterprises.



By the end of the speeches, it followed a briefing with beneficiaries about social entrepreneurship (roundtables). At the briefing it was discussed the matter of the viability and also the development of work in the sector of social economy.