Study Visit in England

The Development Partnership “Partnership for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia, which implements he project “Local Network for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia”,  organized an educational visit (study visit) in England, from Tuesday 24/6/2014 to Friday 27/6/2014. In the visit participated, Ms Triantafyllou Ageliki , (President of the A.C. of the D.P.  – President of SOPSI Patras), Mr Anastassopoulos Panagiotis, (Administrator of the D.P. Representative of Leader Partner p-Consulting), Mr Diamantis Georgios (Vice-president and C.E.O. of Action Synergy S.A.) and Mr Karagiannis Konstantinos (representative of Chamber of Achaia). Visit’s target  was the exchange of opinions for  the social economy, the study of good practices and the likely ways of collaboration between the English and Greek social enterprises. The representatives of D.P.  visited existing social enterprises, in the region of Liverpool and they had the occasion to see closely their way of operation, their installations as well and to change opinions with the representatives of these. More specifically:

  • On Wednesday, 25/6/2014, they visited the headquarters of social Cooperation NEW START, which is composed from individual social enterprises ( Locality, The Inclusion Network CIC, Mersey Spring CIC, AIM CIC). In the meeting , an analytic presentation of social Cooperation took place and then followed exchange of opinions with the representatives of social enterprises.



 Then, the representatives of D.P. visited the establishments of social enterprise National Wildflower Centre. The enterprise activates in the sector of environment and more concretely in the safeguarding of natural resources. During the visit, became a tour in the gardens, where rare species of English flora are maintained.



 In the end of day, a visit take place at the establishments of Netherton Park Neighborhood Centre, that deals with the services of common utility in children, old men and families.



  • On Thursday ,26/6/2014, the representatives of D.P. were  assisted in meeting with the G. Director of social enterprise  Croxteth Communiversity, Phil Knibb. The Croxteth Communiversity, Phil Knibb is activated in the technical sector and in the benefit of knowledge and services that concern the daily life of citizens (maintenance of home, small agricultures,  etc). Then, a tour followed in the establishments of the enterprise and the farm.



Later, the representatives of D.P.  had the opportunity to exchange opinions and to converse, with municipal institutions of Liverpool, for the efforts that make the municipality in order to support  the social enterprises and more generally the social economy.



Organizer and responsible for the schedule of the visit was Mr. Dave Egan, representative of social structure ILEN ASSOCIATES.