3rd Informative Workshop

On Monday, 16 June, 2014 took  place in Patras, in the Chamber of Achaia, the informative workshop  of the Developmental Partnership “Partnership for the Employability Development of the Prefecture of Achaia” entitled  “Entrepreneurship  and Growth of the local market – TOPSA Project” 

Greetings followed  by:

  • Triantafyllou Ageliki , (President of the A.C. of the D.P.  – President of SOPSI Patras)
  • Kepenos Georgios, President of S.V.P/D.E.

The speechers were:

  • Aggelopoulos Georgios, vice region president of development and rural economy.
  • TsoumpelisTheodoros, general secretary of the Achaia Chamber
  • Diamantis Georgios, Vice-president and C.E.O. of Action Synergy S.A.
  • Anastassopoulos Panagiotis, Administrator of the D.P.  and representative of Leader Partner (p-Consulting)


The event began at 19:00 pm with the greeting of Ms. A. Triantafyllou, who was reported in the necessity of the engagement of all local institutions for the growth of the Local Market. In his greetings, Mr Kepenos underlined  the contribution  of SVP&DE in the recruitment of the beneficiaries of the  project. 



Afterwards followed the scheduled speeches, that Mr. Aggelopoylos  presented the developmental prospects of Region of Western Greece and the comparative advantages that the region provides.




After Mr. Aggelopoylos followed  Mr. Tsoympelis, who focused his speech in the extrovert character, that must be developed by  the Greek enterprises and also in the contribution of Chamber of Achaia in the absorption of the project beneficiaries. 


Afterwards the speech took Mr. Diamantis, who underlined the necessity of marketing in the modern environment.




The speech completed Mr. Anastasopoylos, who presented the proceedings of the Project and focused on the ways with which can be developed the employment and entrepreneurship  through the project.




At the end of speeches, Mr. Karbelis Ioannis, Regional Director of OAED, made a short intervention and  underlined the coordinated efforts of Organism for the fight against unemployment, giving particular emphasis  in TOPSA projects.


By the end of speeches, a public debate took place.